All Pharmacies are not the same.
At Gatlin’s Pharmacy, we pride ourselves on providing excellent patient care. Unlike many other pharmacies, we believe our role in patient care involves much more than putting tablets in a bottle. We are involved in our patients’ therapy, often making interventions to prevent drug interactions, duplicate therapy, and adverse drug events. We also realize how meeting quality measures for Medicare and other third-party payers can impact your bottom line. Meeting these quality measures is important to us as well, and together we can make interventions that create a healthier patient.
To meet these goals, we provide programs that help improve patient compliance, and thus outcomes. With our new P3 program, patient medication is adherence packed, so as to prevent missed doses. All of the patient’s medications are packed in easy to use pouches for various times of the day. In a convenient box, the need for multiple bottles or pill planners is gone. As patients become part of this program, they receive an increased level of care involving monthly phone calls, complete medication reviews, adherence check-ins, and FREE DELIVERY. This enhanced service has proven to produce better outcomes, leading to healthier patients and improved quality measures. The pharmacy your patients choose can make a difference. Let us get your patients the type of pharmacy service they deserve. At Gatlin’s, we promise to always work hard to honor our commitment to your patient’s health.
**As always, if you’d like to know more about this and the other services we provide at Gatlin’s pharmacy, please feel free to give us a call. You can also request an in-service, where members of our staff can come by the office and describe the many ways we separate ourselves from the competition.